Hen Party Life Drawing in Blackpool

Party up in the Vegas of the UK

If you’re looking for a good time, and certainly not a long time, (trust us, the hangovers here are on another level!), Blackpool is a great option for a hen party. Plus, if you’re searching for an unforgettable hen party activity in Blackpool, you’ve come to the right place. You see, a Nude Life drawing session has something for everyone – including your mum and nan – and in our classes the bride will even be invited up at the end to get involved in the final shot. 

That’s not all as you don’t need any art skills and our male model who doubles up as an art tutor will even bring all the art materials and a few games along too. At the end of the 1.5 hours, your bride will even be gifted with a folder containing everyone’s sketches. Now that’s what we call a party bag! Our life models and our hen party life drawing classes in Blackpool have even received more than 1,750 reviews and we’ve travelled to more than 70 cities for over 8,000 hen parties! This makes us one of the best life drawing experiences for hen parties in the UK.

What's On Offer in Blackpool

The hour and a half session will begin with your model introducing himself and providing a butler service so that you can have a few drinks to get the party started.

You’ll then draw your model in a variety different poses, each chosen by your group, and a final pose with the bride-to-be. Throughout the session your model will incorporate cheeky games alongside helpful professional tips, choosing the winners and losers with the help of the bride. After you’ve finished your masterpieces, your model is free to have a drink with the group, and the bride will be given a Nude Life folder of everyone’s drawings as a keepsake.

Just a £25 deposit

✔ Choose your model

✔ All Materials Provided


About Blackpool

Blue seas, golden sands, bars lining the streets – no, we’re not talking about Ibiza but Blackpool, officially one of the best hen party destinations around. Dubbed the Vegas of the UK, here you’ll always have a good time splitting your day between the Pleasure Beach, the illuminations, Blackpool Tower, Winter Gardens and even the zoo if you fancy a day trip to kick your celebrations off with. 

Of course, when the clock strikes, or more likely your bride screams that they need a prosecco, you won’t have far to go. From Popworld and Hush to the Yellow Submarine Pub and The Comedy Station Club, there’s plenty of places to go and a fantastic welcoming atmosphere for all groups. Head away from the main strip and you’ll find independent bars and restaurants, worthy of their local status too.

How Hen Party Life Drawing Works in Blackpool


Tell us where you’re planning to host your hen party and how many people are in your group. We’ll come to your accommodation or venue, and can give you a helping hand if you haven’t yet chosen.


We’ll work with you to make sure everything is perfect for your bride-to-be, personalising your package from the model to the drinks and always keeping it classy.


Our hen party life drawing classes are an hour and a half – plenty of time to have a laugh, have a drink, and make some art. You don't have to have any experience as our trained model will guide you through.

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