Our most recent customer reviews

You can be confident with Nude Life you and your best friends will have so much fun.

Over the past month, Nude Life has received a flurry of positive reviews, highlighting the exceptional experiences our clients have had with our life drawing sessions. Ari, described as fabulous, managed a room full of 22 energetic women with ease, showcasing his conversational skills and charm. The reviewer wholeheartedly recommends Nude Life’s services.

Kuba, another of Nude Life’s charismatic models, received glowing praise for his ability to create a fun and inclusive atmosphere. The reviewer emphasized Kuba’s good time and the extra mile he went to ensure everyone felt comfortable and engaged. Max, Charlie, and Ollie also received commendations for their entertaining and professional hosting, mentioning laughter, fun, and overall satisfaction.

The reviews consistently commend Nude Life’s models for their approachability, humor, and ability to put participants at ease. The Nude Life team, particularly Ollie, received praise for prompt and effective communication.

The experiences with Nicky, Cage, Tom, and Adam were described as fantastic, highlighting their enthusiasm, entertainment, and professionalism. Specific mentions of drawing tips, laughter, and a surprise balance of learning and fun were made.

The educational and hilarious activity led by Stu received appreciation for keeping a large group entertained and managing a lively crowd. Despite some unexpected ‘selfies,’ the review expresses gratitude for providing an activity that got everyone talking and laughing, ultimately entertaining the bride.

In summary, Nude Life has consistently delivered exceptional and memorable life drawing experiences, with our models receiving praise for their charm, professionalism, and ability to create a lively yet comfortable atmosphere. The positive reviews underscore the success of Nude Life’s events in bringing joy and laughter to various occasions, making Nude Life a highly recommended choice for those seeking a unique and entertaining activity.