8 Proven Maid Of Honor Tips So You'll Be Her Best Friend Forever.

Calling all Maid-of-Honor’s! From core responsibilities to little-known duties, here are a few handy tips you need to know to make sure your BFF tie’s the knot in style. (You are the star of the bride’s wedding entourage, after all!)

maid of honor tips best mate wedding

You and your best mate, you’ve come a long way together…

The 8 Proven Maid Of Honor Tips

Be supportive

Be enthusiastic

Organise a special hen weekend

Keep the Bridesmaids in line

Ask for help when you need it!

Remind the Groom

Be prepared

Keep the Bride laughing!

Be Supportive

Whether it’s as simple as choosing a linen colour or as complicated as navigating family politics to make a seating chart, some pre-wedding tasks can be tough — and stressful. A great Maid of Honor will be supportive of her friend and help her work through the to-do list.

Be Enthusiastic

You’d be surprised at how much wedding planning can take over your life. Offer her your honest opinion when she asks for it – and be sincere, even if she’s asked you a hundred times. She’ll be there doing the same for you on your big day!

Organise a special & unique hen weekend

brighton hen party weekend

Brighton was one of the most popular hen destinations according to Chillsauce

One of the Maid of Honor’s most important jobs on the run up to the big day is organising the hen do. If you have no clue where to begin, a good way to start is by asking the bride what sort of day she wants and who she’d like to invite. This can differ hugely – she might want a classy afternoon tea that her mother and grandma can come to, or a drunken evening with a Brighton Nude Life drawing class which is strictly friends only – Or even both! So it’s far safer to ask if you’re not sure. Once you know, take planning into your own hands and wrangle the bridesmaids into paying for various activities. Companies like Chillisauce even do all the hard work for you.

If you’re looking for unique accommodation for your hen party weekend, The Hen House has beautiful and luxurious places to stay to make your hen party stand out from the crowd.

Keep the bridesmaids in line

A big part of being a great maid of honor is helping to manage the rest of the bridal party. From taking the lead planning the hen party or bridal shower to making sure everyone has ordered their dress on-time, serve as the bride’s right hand woman and help get those details in order.

Let the bridesmaids know they can come to you directly with any questions, comments, or concerns and then you can jot them down, filter the ones you can answer out, and bring the rest to the bride when she has less on her plate. Be the link between the bride and the bridesmaids.

Ask for help when you need it

hen party ideas help ask the friends

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, swamped, or out of ideas, don’t be shy to ask for help. You shouldn’t feel as though you’re a one-woman show throughout this whole adventure.

You may be her bestie, but there’s so much insight to be had from all her other close friends!

Remind the Groom

As the main link between the bride and her groom, you can remind the him of romantic little touches that you know for a fact that the bride wants but is too embarrassed to ask for. Gently suggest that writing her a love note on the morning of the wedding would be a sweet idea, or that if he’s feeling flush that a little something sparkly wouldn’t go a miss!

remind the groom

I mean you know her more than this guy, obviously – you’re BFF’s.

Be prepared!

On the day of the wedding, put on your maid of honor hat! Make sure you’re on time (or even a little early) for hair and makeup, with all of your accessories in tow. Bring along water, snacks, and an emergency kit (Band-Aids, safety pins, a travel sewing kit, and double-sided tape) so you’re ready to tackle whatever your BFF’s big day might throw at you.

Keep the Bride laughing!

Even when things get stressful or overwhelming for you both, remember to keep the bride laughing and make the situation — and the whole wedding adventure — as enjoyable as it should be.

maid of honor tips

Well, you’re best at that anyway – that’s why you’re here.

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