Cheap hen do ideas that won't disappoint your friends

Hands up if you think planning a hen party is possibly the most stressful thing ever?! Okay, we get it. It’s a first-world problem. But it’s still a problem.

Ladies, you don’t have to panic, though, as we’ve got tonnes of hen ideas for the ultimate hen weekend, and you’ll be pleased to know that none of them break the bank. After all, in this day and age, cash is always an issue. That’s why this blog is dedicated to cheap hen-do ideas….

Hen do activities on a budget

1. The ultimate girls night in

Price: £

Girls night in

Ask any girl what the best thing about growing up was, and we bet she’d say the girly sleepovers and midnight snacks. Of course, you might not want to watch reruns of Lizzie McGuire (if you do, we won’t judge), but a get-together with all your besties guarantees fun and a great time. Plus, why not make it grown up with drinks, snacks and a few drinking games?

2. A DIY cocktail-making night

Cocktail making cheap hen do ideas

Price: ££

Cocktail nights are fun. But expensive. And who wants a professional to tell you that 4 shots is too much anyway? It’s much funnier when you try to make the strongest cocktails imaginable. Simply choose a few recipes online and get everyone to bring an ingredient. Cocktail umbrellas and penis straws are a must, obvs. It’s the perfect activity for a hen party at home.

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3. Virtual life drawing

Price: £

Virtual life drawing

What’s a hen party without a little fun and games, ey? We’re offering our popular nude life drawing sessions (Get Together) via Zoom from your home. Your 1 hour and 30-minute session will start with a few drinking games a virtual quiz and end with a cheeky drawing session. The best part? It’s just £10pp.

4. Real hen party life drawing

Price: £

Tom Morris Hen Party Life Model

And ladies, don’t worry if you want more, as our hen party drawing sessions can also take place in a UK location of your choice. Perhaps you want to get a little closer, or maybe your virtual evening left you wanting more. Our fun sessions are suitable for all ages and artistic abilities.

5. A wine and cheese night at home

Price: ££

Cheese and wine Night

We challenge you to find two better things. Nope. You can’t do it. Give everyone a budget of £10 and ask them to bring a bottle of wine and their favourite cheese. It doesn’t have to break the bank balance, and two of your guests could even pitch in for a bottle of fizz. Make sure someone remembers to grab some crackers, too!

6. Glamping in the garden

Price: £

Glamping with your friends

Whether you’ve gone away for the weekend or are staying at home, camping outside for the night will be fun for all ages. Preparing is the key to a fantastic, stress-free hen party camping experience. Ensure you have warm clothes, a tent to share, some good grub and drinks – and a few spooky stories… Why not ask around for your camping equipment? It’ll save you money, and you might be surprised at what people have.

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7. Pot luck dinner

Price: £

Dinner with girls

Potluck dinner parties are when everyone brings something to eat. Perhaps you’ve decided on a foodie theme or want to designate different courses to each other. If you’ve got many guests, why not ask someone to bring drinks or decorations? It’s a great way to get everyone involved. And delicious at the same time! You could even include a murder mystery game to really amp up the atmosphere…

8. Explore the great outdoors

Price: £

Cotswolds, UK

What better way to rid yourself of last night’s cobwebs than to go on a brisk walk? If you’re by the coast, take in the sights, feel the sea air on your face, and why not treat yourself to a hearty Full English afterwards? Elsewhere, head off into the countryside for a proper catch-up. Likely, you haven’t seen some hens in months, and downing cheap vodka shots is not the best way to get the latest life updates. Of course, if you stumble by a country pub, it’d be rude not to go in…

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9. Free attractions in your destination

Price: £

Museum hen party ideas

Few know that there’s actually a load of fun activities in all of the UK’s major cities that are FREE. That’s right – many things are guaranteed to impress, from art galleries to pop-up events. Just look at what London’s got to boast, and those in the north won’t be disappointed either.

Every hen weekend needs a few games, from those that get you drunk to those that guarantee a laugh. Here are some of our favourites to celebrate your last night of freedom:


Get everyone to write down a question – naughty or nice – and place it inside a balloon. Blow the balloons up, and throughout the night, the bride-to-be chooses a balloon, pops it and answers the question. If you want to involve the whole group, ask every hen to answer the questions too!


Not only is this a classic hen-do game, but it’s a great icebreaker. Get the fizz flowing and ask everyone to write down where or how they first met the bride. Then, get the bride to read each and decide which hen has written it. It’s a great way to get everyone talking.


You’ve probably heard of beer pong, but Prosecco Pong is a classic game that fizzes with fun. Split into teams, pour some drinks and try to get your ball into the opposite cups. Whoever lands their ball in the cup wins that prosecco. We’ve never wanted to win so badly…


We all love winning, right? This game is sure to release a little healthy competition. It might take some preparation, but it’ll be worth it. Simply hide a few treats and presents around the room – or house – and give your hens a little clue. The first one to find it wins. Why not mix things up and hide a few dares, too?

Additional hen party ideas on a budget


Rather than buying expensive balloons, t-shirts and hen party banners, why not get creative and make your own hen decorations? You’ll be surprised about what you can do with plain balloons and a permanent marker. And, a personal message is sure to impress your bride.


Whether or not you should give out tokens of appreciation to your hens is a hot topic. And if you’re on a budget, this may be way down the list of priorities. Instead, why not give everyone a disposable camera to remember the night from? Alternatively, a handmade hamper or small bottle of fizz is equally as nice.


We’d all like to jet off somewhere, but plenty of lovely locations are closer to home if your budget doesn’t allow it. To save even more money, why not actually stay at home? You could spend 1 night at the bride’s pad, the second at the maid of honour’s home and the third at another willing hen.

How do I keep a hen party cheap?

The three main ways to keep a hen party cheap are to ensure you book early and choose affordable accommodation and low-cost activities.

Some additional ideas for keeping the hen party cost-effective:

Set a budget: Start by setting a realistic budget and stick to it. Decide how much each person will spend and plan the activities and accommodation accordingly.

Choose affordable accommodation: Consider renting a vacation rental, hostel, or shared accommodation rather than a hotel. You can also look for deals or discounts on booking websites or consider staying in a less expensive area.

Plan low-cost activities: Look for free or low-cost activities such as hiking, visiting local museums, or exploring the local area. You can also plan group activities such as picnics or potluck dinners.

DIY decorations: Rather than spending money on decorations, consider making your own decorations using materials such as balloons, streamers, and paper.

BYOB: To save on alcohol costs, consider having a BYOB party or buying alcohol in bulk from a wholesale store.

Share expenses: Consider sharing expenses with other guests, such as transportation, accommodation, and meals.

Avoid peak season: Plan the hen party outside of peak season when prices are higher.

See, planning a hen party on a budget isn’t so hard after all, is it? And if you need some more inspiration, check out our blog for a full range of hen do ideas, UK hen party locations and games.

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