How long before the wedding
should the hen party be?

Here are some tips on factors that will affect your decision and make you that little bit closer to finalising your hen party weekend of fun!

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Consider costs

Ah, money – the source of all evil, plenty of arguments and most hen-party-related stresses. It’s certainly one of the trickier parts of arranging a hen weekend. You don’t necessarily know what the rest of the party can afford, so you must be mindful. Set a budget per person early on – and stick to it! You will also have to consider costs surrounding the hen party weekend. Are any other of your friends getting married? Are there any other hen parties? Are there any seasonal events that you and your friends will be attending?

Additionally, A good tip from Nude Life is to plan the hen do after a pay day. This will make things run a little smoother on the weekend!

Will the bride be having more than one hen party?

If the bride had decided to have more than one hen party (some do yu know!) then make sure they are not too close together. There will probably be some crossover of attendees and be more than likely that some won’t be able to make two weekends close to each other.

Close enough for camaraderie between new friends

Make sure the hen party is close enough to the big day for the camaraderie between new found friends to stay strong. This way, she will have a wedding to remember! Plus, any embarrassing stories from the hen weekend will be fresh in the mind!

But, not too close!

Make sure the hen party is not too close! The bride-to-be is bound to have some last minute planning that needs tieing up! She will need a few days recovery too after all the alcohol she will be drinking! I would also recommend booking her Monday off work… and maybe Tuesday too!

Extra tip: Make sure you build in a bit of downtime. After a heavy weekend with all her best friends and lots of drinking, the following days could get a little depressing.  If you’ve asked her to book off Monday and Tuesday, why not factor in a surprise. Maybe a spa or afternoon tea, something that doesn’t involve alcohol to help her wind down a little.

Location dependent

Think carefully about your location and how accessible it is for everyone. The chances are the bride will have friends from all over the country, maybe even the world so you want to choose a place that’s easy for everyone to get to. It also needs to be relatively close to a town with some nightlife, as every hen weekend should involve a night out painting the town red. The location will also have an impact on how close the hen party should be to the wedding.

Consider overseas attendees

If you have overseas friends it may be best consulting them separately first. If you can tie up a date for the hens that are further away, it will be easier to get the UK based hens together for this date due to their closer location.

In any case, plan early!

So, how long before the wedding should a hen party be?

As a rule of thumb, one month before the event should be ample enough time for the bride to recover, be able to tend to last-minute plans for the wedding and for you to keep the camaraderie between newly found friends. Just remember, try and keep it relatively soon after a pay day!

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